I believe in Equality.

18 09 2008

I’m writing this because I am upset about something I witness everyday. I am putting this out there to the people that matter most in my life because I hope they hear my voice and maybe they will be upset too.

When we are small children, we have no idea what discrimination is, only that the kid in the sandbox next to you has the shovel that you want to play with. We don’t care about the color of someone’s skin, the amount of money someone makes or who they love. Until we are told what is “wrong” or “different”, we have no idea. What I’m saying is that we are all equal to a small child until we are taught to see different.

Why do we do this? Why does it matter that the man next to you in line at the grocery store has dark skin? Why does it matter that the woman you wait on in the restaurant has cloth draped over her head? How is it going to affect your life if your new neighbors are gay? 
I am not the smartest person around and I know that there are many complicated answers as to why things are the way they are in our society, but I’m tired. I’m tired of fighting to explain to people why my life and my love matters as much as theirs does. I’m tired of seeing people being cruel to each other because of a difference in culture or skin color. I am sad that the America I used to believe in does not exist today.
When I was young, I went to school everyday and said the pledge of allegiance to the flag having absolutely no idea why I was doing it or why it was significant. As I grew older I was taught that our country was where people ran to for freedom, to escape religious persecution, to be in a land where all men were equal. 
Then I went into the Navy and I was taught about all of the wonderful things that America has done. How we saved people and countries from the “bad” guys. America was the land of the free and the home of the brave, the country that fought for the little guy, the place where a person could live their life however they chose, yet at the same time, I was being told that the person I was in my heart was not ok. That I was not fit to serve this wonderful country that loved everyone..
In the 18 years since I walked off a Naval base for the last time. I have had to relearn everything I was brainwashed (oops.. I mean taught) to believe. We are no longer the country that our forefathers idealized. We do not live in a country free of religious persecution, ask anyone who believes in Islam. We do not live in a country where every man is equal, ask any person of color, ask someone who is gay.. heck.. ask a woman if she has ever earned the same pay as the man in the cubicle next to her doing the same job.
Why we all sit still for this, I have no idea. Why only certain people speak up and fight for something better, it’s a mystery to me. 
I have no delusions of grandeur. I know that I am only one person in world, but if I can fight for what is right and for what I believe in, then so can you. Do you believe in the ideals that this country was founded on, that all men are created equal? Would you rather live in a world filled with love than hate? Do you believe that any person should be free to believe in whatever god or higher power they choose?
If any of this strikes home to you, I’m asking you to start making a change, within yourself and with those around you. Stop thinking about how different we all are and start realizing how alike all people are. Don’t worry about how a person dresses, it is a persons heart and mind that matter. Do not allow people to continue to tell certain groups of people how to live their lives, vote on November 4th. Vote for the candidate that you believe will help unite this country and fight for the little man again and please.. if you live in California, vote NO on Prop 8.
Prop 8 is the ballot initiative that is trying to take away the right of same-sex couples to marry in California. They want to ammend the California constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman.
What I don’t get is that one thing this country is supposed to have is a seperation of church and state. Someone.. PLEASE find ONE reason that same-sex marriage should not exist other than religious reasons!
If we have a seperation of church and state, religious reasons do not justify changing this law.
I don’t know about you, but i would rather live my life spending time enjoying life with the ones I love rather than thinking about what other people in this country are doing. I wish for a day when we don’t have to fight to be the same as everyone else.  



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